May 2022

Moscow Poly Tested Its ‘Fenix’ Racing Car

Moscow Poly team formed fr om engineers and students have tested out ‘Fenix’ upd ated sports prototype at the Moscow Raceway, the biggest racing track. Behind the steering wheels were Russian race drivers Konstantin Teréschenko and Stanislav Aksyonov. In summer 2022, the racing car will take part in a four-hour endurance race, as stated by the Rossiyskaya Gazeta’ News.

Fenix_2022 (1).PNG

According to the developers, the highest speed that Fenix can run at is 250 km/h, the power unit is four-cylinder sixteen-valve engine based on VAZ 21126. The car is 80% produced out of domestic components. This year, the prototype has been brought to vast improvements.

Fenix_2022 (2).PNG

“Among innovations, there was an installation of a more powerful turbine that allowed us to increase the engine power. There were also changes related to chassis and transmission. The gearshift pattern and steering-wheel-mounted shifting system were modified. The gear unit transmission ratio and steering control kinematics were changed. The Ackermann angle was adjusted. ‘Fenix’ has also got a new fuel tank that was specially developed for endurance races. Its holding capacity has become 2 times bigger, that allowed us to increase the endurance for the prototype”, - shared Yurii Korobkov, the team leader.

Fenix_2022 (3).PNG

A big team worked on creating and improving the prototype: Moscow Poly students, young engineers and mechanical engineers that are engaged in aerodynamics design, computation and analysis, as well as developing chassis, electrical and electronical parts; and power unit modification.


For reference: Moscow Poly team started working on the Fenix CN 2.0. sports prototype back in 2017. The engineers have successfully met the technical goals se t before them – that is proved by numerous victories. Several REC stages, including 2019, brought the team the first place and a personal record of 1:24sec for the racecourse. The team has also participated in the oldest and top-tier contests such as MaxPowerCars in “time-attack” track, wh ere they won the first place in 2019, and the second place in 2021.

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