March 2022

Moscow Poly Teachers Displayed Their Works in Shchelkovsky Historical and Local History Museum

‘Image’ exhibition was opened up in the exhibition hall of Shchelkovsky historical and local history museum on 18 march. The exhibition displays works by the teachers of Moscow Poly Favorsky Institute of Graphics and Book Art.

According to the exhibition curators, the exhibition is directed at a wide range of art lovers but at the same time it does have a specific target group – current and future Moscow Poly students.

Exhibition curator, the head of “Painting and Drawing” department under ‘Favorsky Institute of Graphics and Book Art’ department, Nikolay Kotlyarov said: “All exhibition participants are Moscow Poly graduates so, considering all stylistic and subject diversity of exposition, there is something that unites its participants. The works performed by very different artists are still united by the ‘genetic conde’ of college they represent”.

Among the participants are: the head of “Painting and Drawing” department, N. Kotlyarov; honored artists of the Russian Federation, professors, A.Dubov, A.Kotlyarov, A.Fedulov; professors Yu. Chuvashev, L. Zaitsev; assistant professors O. Bogomolova, A. Korovin, D. Kolomiets, T. Karmanenko, V. Tsepilov, Y. Lisovsky, M. Krechetova, O. Parkhaev; and seniour lecturers O. Ivanov, Yu. Gzhelskaya, V. Kulakov, S. Kuzyakov, I. Yudkin.

The exhibition is open for visiting until 14 April.

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