August 2022

Moscow Poly Teachers and Young Scholars Participated in Russian National Conference Devoted to Issues of Digital World

Moscow Poly held the “Digital World: Global Challenges and Tendencies” Russian national conference for the teaching staff members and young scientists. Overall, the participants have delivered over 70 reports on the most burning issues related to digital transformation.

At the plenary session, the process implementation issues for making the country technologically independent, creating our own digital infrastructures and etc., have been touched upon.

В частности, актуальную тему управления информационной безопасностью в условиях In particular, the pending subject for cyber security managing under the conditions of digital technology development has been brought up by the assistant professor at the innovation development economics department under the MSU public administration faculty, Artem Gavriluyk.

MSTU “STANKIN” ‘Technical Systems Management and Informatics’ department assistant professor Valery Petrov delivered a presentation on Russia`s innovative technological independence and maturity.

The reports delivered by the police colonel, Alexei Khmyz (“Forensics and AI”), as well as the head of the forensic activity department at the Complex for Forensics under the Ministry of Internal Affairs Moscow University n.a. V.Ya.Kikot and professor at the State University of Management global economics and international relations department, director of the Institute for Economics and Fiances, Galina Sorokina (“Training Specialists for Ensuring the stAte Financial Security in the Digital Era”) have aroused big interest.

Vitaly and Gennady Slezkin, Mikhail Nevedrov from Sevastopol State University “Radioelectronic Systems and Technologies” department shared details about a joint CAE system and mathematical programs implementation based in the example of designing interface units for microwaves.

In the course of the event, students, post-graduates and doctoral students exchanged their practical experience in the following spheres: digital transformation, information communications, radioelectronics, as well as global tendencies in information and cyber security. The large focus has been given to the subjects of digital learning and information technologies in education, computational linguistics and AI.

Among those who delivered their reports at the conference were representatives of Moscow Poly, MSTU “STANKIN”, Sevastopol State University, Russian Academy for Intellectual Property, Russian Transport University, Civil Defense Academy under Emercom of Russia, RGSU [Russian State Social University], National Research Nuclear University MEPhi, TGTU Technical college, MSU, The Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law and other universities.

It`s worth noting that among the speakers they were the bachelor students having just recently completed their 1-year studies but already showing interest in scientific research.

According to the members of the organizing committee from Moscow Poly Student Scientific Community (SSC), they have carried out a thorough work both in technical and organizational support of the event, but also engaging young scientists for participating in the event.

“The SSC participants prepared reports to exchange experience and knowledge with students from other universities in the sphere of their professional interest. SSC holds plans on strengthening other universities SSC representatives – this kind of intellectual interaction allows students to expand their scientific-research competencies”, - shared the organizing committee.


For reference: the event has been held under assistance of the Crimea federal university n.a. V.I.Vernadsky, Sevastopol State Unviersity, Central Scientific Research Institute for Russian Sign Language, Moscow Poly Student Scientific Community under information assistance of the “Theory and Practice of Project Education” scientific methodological journal.

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