December 2022

Moscow Poly Students Used Digital Technologies to Re-enacted Central Baths

Students of the Faculty of Urban Studies and Urbani Economy under Moscow Poly digitalized the damaged interiors and facades of the Central Baths using 3D modeling. The results of the work were implemented in the course of the reconstruction of a cultural heritage site. “Kommersant” edition tells about the project below.

“The project started when the customer company contacted the project curators at Moscow Poly. Initially the develop measuring drawings of the site under reconstruction. And the main idea is to speed up the process of developing these measurements”, – shares the senior lecturer at the department of "Industrial Heat Power Engineering", curator of the project Ilya Saveliev.

The developers carried out work using laser scanning that allows to make 3D model out of many laser points. This “cloud of points” is consequently transformed in special computer programs. The next step is to create a BIM model which is a digital model of the building that takes into account many factors, as well as the information about the object, its elements, location, design, impact on the environment, etc.

The developers didn`t stop at the information model of the building, so they improved it by adding interactive features.

“We have introduced informative banners and the ability to adjust the lighting and season at the facility. We developed a VR visualization, so you can move inside the building and read the embedded information while using the object”, – Ilya Saveliev says.

The project participants were appointed specific tasks: engineering, visualization, document circulation, data concentration and project presentation.

The project resulted in a set of drawings of the building, information model and VR visualization of one of the rooms of the cultural heritage site.


For Reference: The Central Baths is an object of cultural heritage, an architectural monument built in the late 19th century. In 1993, a fire broke out in the buildings, destroyed many interiors, – some of them are still being reconstructed.

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