March 2023

Moscow Poly Students to Be Awarded With Nominal Scholarships for Progress in Science

The Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation announces open the application period for nominal scholarships for the 2023-24 academic year for the under- and postgraduates.

The scholarships are awarded annually as a result of one academic year. The list of the candidates will be approved by the contest commission formed by the Ministry of Science [and Higher Education] of Russia before September 1, 2023. To apply for an increased monthly scholarship, it`s necessary to submit a set of documents that contains information about the candidate and confirms their achievements.

If the candidate demonstrates excellent work and achievements in science, they may apply for:

  • Scholarship named for progress in literature and journalism after A.A. Voznesenskii
  • Scholarship for progress in economics named after E.T. Gaidar
  • Scholarship for progress in culture and philology named after D.S. Likhchev
  • Scholarship for progress in jurisprudence named after A.A.Sobchak
  • Scholarship for progress in literary art, political studies and journalism named after A.I.Solzhenitsin
  • Scholarship for progress in jurisprudence named after V.A.Tumanov
  • Scholarship students in military industrial complex for named after Yu.D. Maslyukov

For more details about application submission, please, visit the website of the Ministry of Science of Russia

Application period is open till 27 April, 15:00.

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