May 2023

Moscow Poly Students Presented Scientific Project Results

On May 22, the University held a project defense procedure within the “Project Activity” discipline where 12 students presented to the expert commission the findings to their research. The students shared the results achieved during the last semester and their plans for the next academic year.

The University scientific block for student projects includes 11 projects implemented within the framework of the P.L. Kapitsa grant program. The projects covered a variety of areas of the University’s scientific activities, including research aimed at finding modern solutions in the sphere of materials processing, development of sketches for a mobile Arctic wind farm and a system of electric propulsion of an atomic icebreaker, and finding optimal solutions for transportation, storing and purifying hydrogen.

"Scientific" project activity is a pilot project for Moscow Poly that has been implemented since September 2022, but today we can already see the high result of our students' work in the autumn and spring semesters: the students demonstrate good knowledge of scientific problems in all types of the projects, planning methods, organization and processing of experimental results. Scientific activity necessarily includes public presentations of the research results, so the practice of presenting projects personally to scientists in a “matter of a fact” form is, in my opinion, right and useful, especially for those students who decide to associate their work with science in the future”, - said the vice-president for Research at Moscow Poly Anton Nalivayko.


The attestation procedure ended with a “Scientific Cuisine” scientific-popular project that is devoted interactive videos starring modern scientists who talk about scientific research and achievements in an “available” manner.


Reference: Moscow Poly is the flagship of project activity where all students work in multidisciplinary teams and solve real problems provided by the industry representatives, and develop their soft skills.

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