June 2022

Moscow Poly Students` Monthly Scholarship May Rise Up to 20,000

Moscow Poly has a solid reward system for students. The amount of scholarship depends on student`s year of education and academic performance in studying the area. Some Moscow Poly students receive over 20,000 RUB scholarship.

For full-time state-funded students having ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ academic records without failures there is a state academic scholarship. Its amount for the 1-year students in the first term will be equals to 2,000 RUB.

Depending on the number of ‘red’ session [sessions with all exams passed with “excellent” marks] without failures in a row the scholarship might rise from 6,000 to 13,500 RUB.

If a student closed half of all disciplines with ‘excellent’ the scholarship will equate to 4,500RUB, if the number of excellent marks is less than 50% - 3,000 RUB.

Full-time state-funded students pursuing their studies at Moscow Poly for the first term and having a high average score as a result of their final state examination or who are the winners of various Olympiads, in addition to their state academic scholarship in the amount of 2,000 RUB, may receive a personalized scholarship up to 18,000 RUB.

Another type of scholarships available for Moscow Poly students is the increased state academic scholarship. It is awarded twice a year on a contest basis. To become a recipient, one should excel at and have a list of achievements in the academic, scientific-research, social, cultural-creative or sports spheres.

Based on the field area and the year of study the scholarship may rise from 14 up to 21,000 RUB.

Social scholarship manifests itself in the form of state monthly payments that are awarded to specific groups of persons. Social scholarships are awarded to I, II group invalids, disabled from childhood, orphaned children, students having been exposed to radiation catastrophes and others. The scholarship equates to 3,000 RUB, whereas the increased scholarship (for ‘good’ and/or ‘excellent’ students) – 12,000 RUB.

International students can also become the recipients of the scholarship for international students.

In addition to that, every year a number of students take part in the top-tier contests for the presidential scholarship, scholarship by the government of the Russian Federation and scholarship by Moscow administration.

For reference: Moscow Poly admission campaign office is located on Bolshaya Smyonovskaya st.,38, building ‘B’, office B-102. Enrollees can submit their documents personally at Moscow Poly, on the official website of the University, on the ‘SuperService’ platform, or send them by post. Moscow Poly offers over 100 bachelor and specialist programs, as well as over 100 master programs. If any questions regarding admission, enrollees may contact: +7 (495) 223-05-23, or e-mail: international@mospolytech.ru.

All information relevant for enrollees can be found in ‘Admission’ section.

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