April 2021

Moscow Poly students develop the DRUID robot

Moscow Poly students develop an anthropomorphic service client robot-promoter in the terms of the DRUID project.

The leader of the project is Andrei Nedov, a 4th year student of the IT-faculty (“Cyber-physical Systems” educational program).

Alisa Gorbunova, (Transport Faculty, “Industrial Design” educational program), Denis Pakhomov (IT-faculty), Ilya Nikiforov (IT-faculty) and Alexei Abakhtimov (IT-faculty) are also participating in the robot development in the terms of Project Activity.

DRUID is a graduation work of the project leader, whose academic advisor is Timur Idiatullov (the Head of “Cyber-physical Systems” educational program).

The work on the project will take 2 semesters and is being conducted from academic year 2020.

The release id planned for July 2021 and for now the robot is 75% complete.

Currently students assemble the robot and develop its software.


В конечном результате перед роботом будет стоять задача взаимодействия с клиентами в различных социальных пространствах, таких как отели, аэропорты, бизнес-центры, учебные заведения, торговые центры.


DRUID robot is able to:


—safely move in crowded spaces on its own;

—recognize clients and chat with them;

— chat via Telegram.

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