November 2023

Moscow Poly Students Announced Ones of Best in Russia in Drone Programming

Contest in the sphere of developing, making and operations promising civil-, military-, special- and dual-purpose air-based robotic complexes (systems) – “Aerobot 2023” came to an end in Taganrog. As a result of the simulation stage in the “Sign-Based Route Passage” nomination, the team from Moscow Poly Cheboksary affiliation took the IInd place.


The freshmen Daniil Ivanov, Leonid Rizov and Alexei Lukonin demonstrated a decent result in the course of the persistent battle.

“Every day we were engaged in an 8-hour drone programming in the Ubuntu OS through Visual student Code and Ros. The task was to launch the drone so that it would also be able to perform the tasks given by organizers of the tournament”, – the students shared.

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