May 2022

Moscow Poly Students and Employees Listened to Lecture on Cyber Security

Moscow Poly held an open public lecture by the operating director of administration board at Ak Bars Bank, Vyacheslav Yashkin on “Business Sustainability under Intensive Cyber Attacks Conditions”.

The speaker`s report was presented by the assistant professor at the Cyber Security department, head of Cyber Security department lab, Sergei Kesel.

On behalf of the reporter he [Sergei] noted that it`s no coincidence that Vyacheslav Yashkin delivers speech at Moscow since the cooperation between Moscow Poly and Ak Bars Bank is embodied in the partner agreement. Vyacheslav Yashkin is a practicing specialist with a rich experience in cyber security. His cooperation with Moscow Poly started back in 2016 when, yet as a cyber security department employee member at “Aliot” manufacturing company (one of the largest factories issuing bank cards), he held an internship tour for 12 best University students in cyber security. Afterwards, this tour became annual and only was put on hold when the pandemic broke out.


The lecture touched upon the questions related to the sustainability of business, namely banking business, under the conditions of the current crisis, as well as number increase of the attacks on Russian infrastructure objects.

The speech has also highlighted the main ways and means of combating these challenges and threats. That is, namely, developing and creating a complex cyber security system; wide use of open software and accounting for the foremost threats and relevant risks to cyber security.

Vyacheslav Yashkin noted:

“We are living in hard times. Crises have become an integral part of our lives. The situation on the global arena can be developing towards stabilization of macroeconomic indicators, as well as to their aggravation. Business sustainability under these realia can be achieved by combining in work of a proactive approach (determining what`s important) together with the reactive approach (quick response to the situation and finding the solution to the problem) – that helps to take prompt measures and respond to the situation, as well as ensure sustainable business performance in spite of all external negative factors”.

The lecture sparked a true interest among those present. The hall where the event was held was full of guests despite the busy schedule that students studying cyber security and other interdisciplinary course students follow. As the speech ended, the speaker was asked a big number of questions, that proved the real interest of the audience.

Upon a number of countries imposing severe restrictions, the relevance of the Russian software development relevance, including open source software programs, grows day by day.   

If you want to become an expert in cyber security, we are ready to welcome you at Mosow Poly on following bachelor (10.03.01) and specialist (10.305.03) programs, and “System and Software Engineering” program (09.03.01). 

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