December 2022

Moscow Poly Student Won 1,000,000 at ‘Tvoi Khod’ Forum

The “Reform” team that took part in the contest headed by Moscow Poly student Georgy Shapirov became the winner in the second season of “Tvoi Khod 2022” in the “Delayu” [I do]. The students have received funding in the amount of 1 million rubles for their project implementation.


Reform is an intelligent tracker that can determine the psychological state of call center operators.

Georgy says, from school he was interested in various projects implementation, participated in scientific conferences and exhibitions, forums, Olympiads, gradually building a circle of like-minded people who he could come up with various ideas with. The “Reform” project unites students from various universities: Artem Pecherkin from Moscow State University, Vadim Novechin from State University of Management and Ilya Kruglov from Altai State University.

In spring 2022, while discussing various projects, students came up with an idea about a chat bot for psychological support of students. They invited a professional psychologist who helped to make a list of psychological practices, and so students developed a chat bot.

“We understood that this may not be enough to solve the problems of chronic fatigue and apathy, and we introduced a system for prompt scheduling of an appointment with a psychologist. The survey among students showed that facing the hardships, the student can hardly understand his feelings, formulate his demands and make the first step to consult a specialist. Therefore, we decided to make a centralized system of psychological assistance for students. It turned out some people do not even know about this possibility! Four universities joined to our platform, and their students can sign up to his university psychologist via bot”, – Georgy says.

The team decided not to stop, and the solution to the heads of various companies. Now, with an obvious interest from the companies, such as “CreativeCallCenter”, “StartBlock” and “Doctor Ryadom”, the team will test service with them. If successfully, a joint pilot project will be launched.

As a reminder, Georgy and his team received funding for one million rubles in 2022 under the ‘Student Startup’ competition from the Foundation for the Innovations Promotion under the “Platform of University Technological Entrepreneurship”.

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