December 2022

Moscow Poly Student Guru Team Became Prize-Winner at Festival of Intellectual Games

Moscow Poly student guru team “Six plus one” took place in a festival of intellectual games that was held by RANEPA in the beginning of December. The University team became winners in several disciplines.

A total of 29 teams of 170 people from 16 other universities, such as HSE, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Pirogov RSMU, Lomonosov MSU, Mephi and others.

The festival included several rounds: ‘Brain Ring’, ‘Strategic Game’, ‘Medley Quiz’ and ‘The OX classical game’.

The “Six plus One” team became the first one in the ‘Strategic Game’ round and a runner-up in their group in ‘Brain Ring’. On top of that, as a part of joint team (Moscow Poly and RANEPA) became a confident leader in the ‘Medley Quiz’ round.


“I like participating in intellectual games as it`s always a new experience, knowledge and acquiantances. The festival wasn`t an exception. I`d like to say thank you to the hosts and the team, it was fascinating and unforgettable”, – Moscow Poly second-year student, team leader and coach Ilya Scherbakov shared.

The University student guru team was founded in 2021 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and is now formed of representative from all University faculties.

According to the assistant dean of the faculty of mechanical engineering and the team coach, Inga Borodkina, everything started with the victory of the faculty team in a quiz held by the ‘Otkroi MosProm’ [Open up the Moscow Industry] city education project by the Moscow Department for Investment and Industrial Policy.

“I shared our plans to participate in the ‘Intellectual Games’ round with Alexander Kaidanovich, back then the vice-president for Educational and Social Work. Alexander Yurievich supported the idea, so we started the work. Initially, the team only included the Faculty [of Mechanical Engineering] students but now we have representatives of various faculties. When possible, we take part in the offsite games and represent Moscow Poly. There is a huge project that we`re planning to implement in spring 2023. As for the Festival, it was a total holiday. All participants were not only pleased to participate in the game but also happy to communicate with students form other universities. We are really grateful to the vice-president for educational and social policy Olga Chernykh for her support and attention for the team members.”

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