September 2022

Moscow Poly Student: “Developing Video Games is Art”

Moscow Poly Faculty of Information Tehcnologies third-year “Computer Games Industry Software” program student Aygerim Almazova, junior Unity-developer and “Start the Game” contest ambassador shared some tips on how to learn to develop video games.


“By most part, the only way that I was connected to Gamedev (GameDev is game developing process: from development to design and launching into the market – noted by press) was its finished product: I`ve been playing video games since childhood. At some point, I realized that I can and I want to become a part of gameDev `cause I have passion for developing games. Game developing a whole art for me. It`s an opportunity to convey your idea and leave of particle of yourself into the game, irrespective of what exactly you do: plot, concept arts, or encoding”,– says Aygerim.

That`s what the student got to understand having tried yourself as a programmer at game jams – various game developing contests against time, as well as the University projects under the “Computer Games Multimedia Content” course when in the course of the term students had to develop a game prototype and presented its trailer.

According to Aygerim, every willing person today can with due effort become a part of gameDev. The first step to this would be the participation in “Start the Game” project under the “Russia is a Country for Opportunities” platform.

“The game industry is magical in its people, ideas and the very process of development. GameDev should be one`s passion, you should be self-disciplined and never give up. Before my first offer I experienced many rejections. I was ready to give up when something didn`t work out. But I was still pushing forward – I`ll never regret it”, - notes Aygerim.

The student is convinced that the key point when learning to develop games – desire and discipline.

“You have to make a schedule, never skip classes and classify the information. During my studies, I stuck to the rule that I even hung on my desktop: I study every day: at least 30 minutes, on average 2-3 hours, but not more than 6 hours. This motto follows me everywhere. Use additional tools – sometimes desire alone is not enough. Also, don`t miss out the chance to find yourself a tutor. That will significantly speed up your progress”, - advices the Aygerim.

According to the student, what she values the most is the opportunity to prove oneself, put a part of a soul into that: “Most of all I enjoy that moment when after all the difficulties you can see the final result and understand that all efforts have not gone in vain. And it is more pleasant to share this feeling with your team. In addition, I value a chance to meet interesting and unusual people. There are many of them if gameDev!”

To those who are only in the beginning of their way to gameDev, Aygerim recommends checking in with the “Start the Game” platform under the “Russia is a Country for Opportunities” program, and hopes that everyone can find their own place in gameDev industry – figure out what they prefer doing most of all, enjoy growing as a specialist in the sphere, and wishes everyone success and patience.

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