April 2022

Moscow Poly Sport Teams` Sequence Number of Successes

'MosPolytech' Moscow Poly mini-football women`s team has outplayed “Laguna-UOR” from Pensa by a score of 3:1. The victory at home allowed girls to make it to the Russian Mini-football Championship 2021-2022 finals.

A series of final match games is to start on the next week. Moscow Poly will play against ‘Normanochka’ team from Nizhny Novgorod.

In their turn, ‘MosPolytech’ Moscow Poly basketball women`s team have outplayed ‘Fleur Alpine’ by a score of 52:49 and made it to the Moscow Championship Finals among amateur teams in ‘WAMSPORT’ League.

When it comes to powerlifting contest between Moscow Poly faculties, the winners are:

Anna Zhirnova: 40 kg

Sophia Litvinova: 35 kg

Alina Kiselyova: 52,5 kg

Kirill Rodnov: 70 kg

Nikita Savelyev: 127,5 kg

Anwar Abdullaev: 120 kg

Maxim Zykov: 137,5 kg

Vladimir Koshelev: 100 kg

Ruslan Askerov: kg

Our congrats!!

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