June 2022

Moscow Poly Professor Suggests Establishing University IT Bureau

For the second time, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the ‘Roscongress’ Foundation have held the “Strong Ideas for the New Times” national forum. The event focuses on choosing 100 strong ideas that will make a significant contribution to the development of the county and achieving national development goals by 2030. The idea to establish the university centers for IT elaborations put forward by the Moscow Poly professor, Andrei Philippóvich received wide support fr om the ‘National Human Resource Initiative’ experts, entered the top-100 and will be presented at the “Arkhipelag 2022” project educational intensive course that is to be held in July in Sevastopol.

“I suggested establishing at the universities centers for IT elaborations – so called majoring construction bureaus that will train and keep IT specialists at the university level. The Centers will carry out the orders on IT solutions made by the government or companies by engaging experts on the subject, as well as post-graduate and undergraduate students and interested specialists. We suppose that the financing will take the hybrid scholarship-contract form that will allow us to grow expertise, quality and the amount of the elaborations made stage by stage ”, - shared Andrei Philippóvich.

The key condition of the financial support given to the Centers is in author`s opinion an obligatory engagement of the employees into the educational process – that will allow to carry out mass training of the practicing specialists with a decent level of competencies and increase the quality of project activity for students in short-term.

Such Centers, according to Andrei Philippóvich, will help solve a range of problems, such as the lack of IT personnel, demand increase for phase out activities in the sphere, as well as the lack at the HIEs of the current IT employees who can handle relevant technologies

More details can be found on the official website of the Forum.

As the initiative leader, Andrei Philippóvich took part in the St.Petersburg International Economic Forum 2022 where he shared his idea during the discussions of the “Future of the Engineering Thought: Presentation of the Youth Construction Bureaus”.

“Our colleagues from HSE and NTI Kruzhok movement have developed a concept for establishing the Youth construction bureaus together with the leading national companies. The concept received support by the legislative officers, student activists and other stakeholders. At the venue, we discussed the issue of Youth Construction Bureaus at the venue [St. Petersburg International Economic Forum] and I suggested making Center for IT elaborations a part of this project focusing on majoring field areas”, - noted Andrei Philippóvich.


For reference: Andrei Philippóvich, professor at Information Technologies department, head of the Moscow Poly AI Lab.

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