June 2022

Moscow Poly President: University Can Support Russian Automotive Industry

Moscow Poly president Vladimir Miklushevskii shared how the University within the framework of the advanced engineering school creates strategic approaches to developing automotive industry that, according to the President Vladimir Putin, is necessary. The main goals that are currently set before the Russian [automotive] industry were specified by the Russian leader in the course of the meeting on automotive industry development conference that was held in St.Petersburg. The University president Vladimir Miklushevskii`s words were cited by the ‘Regnum’ information agency.

“President assigned a task to address the issue of spare car parts availability due limitations on component shipments imposed by the Western partners. Today, it`s one of the most pending issues that the industry is to address since for producing Russian cars even to a great extent localization requires over 40% of imported components.

One of the most crucial tasks that Moscow Poly is addressing is production of technologies in the [automotive] industry creation of strategic approaches to automotive industry development. The University has formed a strong scientific-research team that is able to produce new car details that will be able to substitute the production by the Western manufacturers that left Russian market. In order to solve this issue we are dealing with the leading manufactures of the Russian [automotive] industry – NAMI, KAMAZ, AVTOTOR. In the nearest future, within the framework of the advanced engineering school development, we`re expecting to find technological solutions that will allow our partners to do their job in the effective manner.

It is clear that today it is not only manufacturers but also customers who need support. The population should be able to buy both available and quality cars. Our tasks here is to help tune up the production, enter into the market . Right now is a great opportunity to make a technological break through and create a new world-class means of transport.

To preserve the amounts of production and provide work for automotive manufacturing plants located on the territory of the Russian Federation, new technological decisions are necessary. Under the strategy for advanced engineering school development we suggest launching production of Russian components that will become an effective solution of the issues that the industry now faces.

One of such projects is the product range for electric transmission car aggregates that, in perspective may be used as unified for cars of different types and classes. This way we are making products that allows the Russian automotive industry to take a step forward.

To make automotive industry competitive and effective we need specialist able to make it true.

Moscow Poly is heading to forming a system that trains engineers within advanced engineering school. We realize that modern cars are multi-physical systems that consists of diverse disciplines and that a modern engineering majoring in mechanical engineering should possess a wide range of knowledge”.

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