July 2022

Moscow Poly President “Students Choose IT, Engineering and Creative Programs

Moscow Poly president, Vladimir Miklushevskii told the representatives of the “Rossiyiskaya Gazeta” news agency about the admission campaign, field areas that are most popular among students, as well as the new master programs that Moscow Poly Advanced Engineering School offers.

– Vladimir Vladimirovich, what does your students “vote” for?

Vladimir Miklushevskii: “This year we can see among enrollees a growing interest in engineering programs. The most popular ones are the disciplines related to transport. Thus, the “Perspective Transportation Means” has broken all the records in the number of applications. We can also speak of a big demand, similar to other Universities, for information technologies. Graphics, design and journalistics are also popular.

– This year you have announced an intake for Advanced Engineering School programs. What specialists will you train there?

“We`ll train master specialists in three field areas, that is “Racing Engineering”, “Engineering Design”, and “Automotive Mechatronics”. These are the areas for the super engineers. The advanced school will train masters based on real projects that the University construction bureaus, or our partners such as “KAMAZ”, “NAMI”, “Avtototor” work on. It`s really important that the educational process at the advanced engineering school focuses on demands of the modern market and the teaching staff, in its turn, will be formed out of experts who work at the leading companies in Russian automotive industry.

– Why only master programs?

“Because Moscow Poly advanced engineering school is looking for those who have already gained a working experience, otherwise the person will simply not make it. Moreover, that has to be people that have motivation to apply for these specific programs. ”

– Will the educational programs have anything new?

We upd ate the programs every year. In fact, that is the direct responsibility of a teacher – to update the educational program. So, approximately 20% is updated yearly based on the changing demands of the industry. For instance, we still have no bureaus where we`d be able to make air-conditioning units. Constructing and exploiting – here you go but all the components are imported. No one se t a task. But now the situation has changed. Everything is pretty much the same with the cars. I`m sure that we`ll be able to produce cars ourselves, leaving aside conditioners. And for that, we`ll have to train top-tier construction specialists. We`re ready for that.


The full interview can be found here.

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