April 2022

Moscow Poly Postgraduate Student Created Powersaving Cooling Room Ventilation Prototype

Moscow Poly postgraduate student, Yaroslav Shelest has built a supply ventilation prototype for cooling room. The system allows to save power several times more when efficiency factor. The laboratory where prototype testing is going to take place is located at the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology. Regnum tells in detail about the postgraduate`s invention.

According to Yaroslav Shelest, the main difference between his invention and others is the adjustment of the membrane recuperator (heat exchanger) to cool down the room at the industrial facilities. The powersaving is ensured by the partial recovery of energy consumed for heat exchange.

“As an designer of cooling equipment for enterprises, having worked on similar projects, I have seen how much energy is needed to heat up or cool down the inflowing air. My elaboration will allow to reduce the impact the inflowing air has on the amount of energy consumed for maintaining the desired microclimate. As for the vegetable storehouses, where moisture loss takes place in winter, the device will return some of this moisture back. This way, we can say that the device could be used for air humidification, as well”, - Shared Yaroslav.

Today, Russian market most commonly uses inflowing ventilation equipment without recuperators, so the air intake happens directly or pass through heater. However, according to an expert, the demand for powersaving in Russia increases gradually.

“Our unit allows to save up substantial amounts of money starting from the equipment procurement stage. According to my calculations, the cooling system alone will cost us 4,5 times less when using the unit. Compression units and heat exchangers will come out cheaper, too. In addition, the further exploitation costs will also be reduced. Besides, the very cooling unit will contain a smaller number of harmful freons “, - says Yaroslav.

Yaroslav Shelest is planning to launch trials in a month after which he`ll be able to patent his elaboration.

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