February 2022

Moscow Poly Open Day 05.02.2022

Moscow Polytechnic University hosted the Open Day on February 5. Vladimir Miklushevskii, the President of Moscow Poly, started the event and told the future students about the unique learning process in the university:

“We are already concerned about the future dream jobs of our students. From the first term, classes are taught by the teachers working in their degree field. They are employed by the companies and those companies may become your employers in the future. This form of learning process is very important, because you will be gaining knowledge from various fields”.

Daniil Kulkov and Varvara Molotzova, senior teachers of the “Foreign Language” department, became the next guests of our broadcast. They talked on available possibilities of studying foreign languages at the university. In addition to the programs developed for students, Moscow Poly offered a variety of courses and master classes for school students and helped them with preparations for the Unified State Exam in the English language.

The Competence Center was a new structure of the university presented during the Open Day. Igor Zhukovski, the coordinator for the development project of the competence centers in the Russian universities, told the future students about a new system for formation of student’s qualities demanded by the labor market and interaction with employer after a successful mastering of the supraprofessional qualities development program.

At the end of the broadcast, Anton Malyshev, a representative of Motul, talked on the importance of soft skills. He told about his development of those skills at Moscow Poly and how various special skills helped him after the graduation.

In case you missed our broadcast, you can findthe recording at our YouTube channel .

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