November 2022

Moscow Poly Learnt to Identify Side Effects of New Medicines Before Trials

According to ‘TASS’ news agency, Moscow Poly academicians have developed a methodology for identify how a new medicine under trial affect people`s health after human liver transforms it [medicine] with enzymes.

The methodology allows to see on volunteers what influence the medicine has on target, and single the possible side effects. It also decreases the chances for standard animal testing.

The methodology uses micro-biochips that are made of a cell block where the cells of different human organs are grown, and a control unit that regulates the pressure and frequency of nutrient ground supply. The medicine is placed inside the chip, that allows to observe how the body cells and medicine interact with each other. Unlike cultivating cells in a conventional labware, this methodology makes the experiments closer to the conditions of a human body. The research was held with the active participation of HSE national research university and “BioClinicum” scientific research center representatives, as well as German colleagues fr om Technical University of Berlin and Fraunhofer Institute in Dresden.

“Due to a different nature of human and animal enzymes, animal testing oftentimes don`t correlate with each other. That`s why at the stage of human clinical trials, even after a successful series of animal trials, there are side effects that may turn up. The technology that has been developed allowed to “”reconstruct” the necessary part of human body and evaluate the impact that the medicine has on a targeted organ (in this case epidermis) having participated in the metabolism process in the liver”, - states the research member, candidate of biological sciences, assistant professor at Moscow Poly “Infocognitive Technologies” department, Natalya Pulkova.

 Thanks to micro-biochips, the team has tested the medicine impact at as much as 2 cell types – liver and epidermis. What`s unique is that inside the chip, cells are cultivated in different units, however they`re connected and surrounded by the nutritious fluid, that is the system is as close to the human body structure as possible. In order to make the experiment as clear as possible a universal fluid-free environment was used wh ere the human body cells were grown.


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