November 2023

Moscow Poly Launches Exhibition “Workshop for Chromolitography. Works Made Over 5 Years”

On November 20, the Center for Printing Arts – “Ivan Fedorov Printing Yard” launches a new exhibition called – “Workshop for Chromolitography. In 5-Years”.

The University workshop for chromolithography was created in 2006 to undertake diploma projects in this technique. The national artist, RAA academician, professor Nikolai Voronkov became arts director. He worked together with the national artist, professor Boris Diodorov who was responsible for the printing part of the diploma. After graduating and after the university was reorganized, diploma projects are not carried out at the workshop anymore, however starting from 2018, the Workshop has been working in the framework of Moscow Poly project activity. These works replenish the University gift fund, are collected into gift albums and get displayed at various exhibitions and contests.

The exposition displays works that have been made in the workshop over the last 5 years. It comprises the sheets from the Third Pushkinogorsk album, the work stamps are stored at the Museum – “Puskin Reserve Mikhailovskoe” and have “seen” many exhibitions including international ones.

The album called “Raznye Sobachki” was made for B.Zakhoder`s 100th anniversary and became an interesting experience of the collective work in design in three printed colors. The portraits of the famous writers and historical persons were commemorated to anniversaries and exhibitions. Students, as a rule, are given a range of subjects from which they choose a plot, and make sketches. When producing the printed matter, the work with materials, exploring the technique of color in the process of engraving is undertaken under the guidance of the curator.

 Lithographic stones sealing carried out by a qualified lithographer Victor Komarov.

The project head: senior lecturer Alexandra O. Ponomaryova.

Artistic director of the workshop: Nikolai L. Voronkov.


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