September 2022

Moscow Poly Launched “Digital PRаctice” International Inter-University Contest

The “Digital PRаctice” international inter-university contest for creative projects has been held in Russia for the 9th time. The host is the department of advertisement and public relations in media industry under Moscow Poly faculty of economics and management.

Over several years of its existence, the contest has become one of the University calling cards, and attracts the attention of future marketologists, designers, advertisement and pr managers from Russian and international Universities.

According to the organizing committee, the participants had a chance to work on real cases for promoting  companies that are well-known in Russia, explore tools for internet marketing, develop research and organization skills , learn to develop strategies for  communications between the brand and its customers, study It-technologies for monitoring and analyzing social networks, and much more.

At the opening ceremony, the briefs that the teams are to take on were presented. Among them were: communication and creative strategy development for the Premium rate for young people (“Mosaic” agency, brief by MTS); positioning and communication strategy development for the nearest 5 years for Lactoflorene CISt (probiotic complexes); development of promotion with focus on the digital and non-standard channels for Forstek (construction agency), developing signature style and website design for Moderli (solutions for home and street lighting), as well as the website and communication campaign development in digital sphere for “Lesnoi Priyut” (charity organization).

It`s worth noting that the ceremony was opened up by Konstantin Kot. The participants well get to work on his personal brand and PR, too.

One can register for the contest in one the two following ways:

1. By filling in the application and sending it to konkurs@mospolytech.ru (with the subject saying “Digital PRактика”), or
2. By registering on the official website of the Contest.

Universities may nominate up to 10 teams under 7 people each as specified in the application.

One can catch up with the opening ceremony broadcast and learn more details about the Contest (RU) here.

As per tradition, the jury board will be comprised of administration members of the companies that provided briefs for the student teams.

In the course of November, there will be project presentations held under the research stage of the Contest, and the final – in December.

The organization committee contacts:

127-550, Moscow, Pryanishnikova street 2A, 1239 office;

Tel.: +7 (495) 223-05-23, ext: 4099, 4118
E-mail: digitalpractice@mail.ru

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