August 2021

Moscow Poly IT Faculty Achievements

Digital economy needs a lot of staff, who have the competences of information-oriented society, of modern and advanced technologies in various sectors. The development pace and competitiveness of a country directly depend on the speed of staff preparation, its quality and requalification of existing staff. Moscow Poly IT faculty prepares the specialists, meeting all modern market requirements.

Today we speak about IT faculty projects, which have been successfully implemented for the last 5 years:

1. The project “Assotsiaty”, the model of a fast-track vocational training center (2+2) in the terms of FTP “Staff for digital economy”, implemented upon the request of the Ministry for Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media.

On December the 3rd, 2019 the experimental defense procedure and the discussion of the research projects of the associates took place. The associates underwent 2 years on the applied bachelor’s programs of Moscow Poly IT Faculty.

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The 2–year Associate’s degrees are implemented by the Higher Education Institutions as a transitional stage in the bachelor’s program or as full-scale programs for the second higher education. This type of degrees corresponds to the 5th level of EQF and National Qualifications Framework, used in professional standards development. Today Russia does not have educational programs, which would correlate with this qualification level.

Since 2014 Moscow Poly has been implementing experimental educational programs, within which the bachelor’s educational plan’s structure is drastically changed, as s lot of attention is paid to the project training and practically-oriented exams. All these features allow to formulate the level of student qualification, sufficient for juniors’ positions in the industry.

2. The professional retraining program “Chief Data Officer – management on the base of data for public sector employees” in the terms of FTP “Staff for digital economy”
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On January the 2nd, 2020, Konstantin Noskov, the Minister for Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media and Vladimir Miklushevskii, the President of Moscow Poly, met on the site of our University and discussed the results of professional retraining program “CDO in the public sector – management, based on data” implementation. The goal of the program was to formulate the mechanism of state problems solving on the base of data management.

The program was developed by Moscow Poly CDO in collaboration with Agency of Strategic Initiatives and University 20.35. 68 employees of Moscow IT Department, the Heads of Yaroslav public authorities and Universities, the representatives of federal ministries and master’s degree students underwent this educational program.

3. The professional standard development “Internet-marketing specialist”. 

The program was adopted by the order of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation (19.02.2019). This professional standard helps to prepare experts in the field of website promotion strategies development and implementation, interactive apps, information resources, products and services on the Internet.

Learn more about the standard (in Russian)

4.Creation of Moscow Poly IT Faculty CAD-development Center


The research team of Moscow Poly IT Faculty CAD-development Center presents its latest developments in the field of digital modeling, cloud technologies and 3D apps. The projects are created on the base of Autodesk Forge, C3D Toolkit, Three.js, VR Concept and Fusion 360.

Learn more about the projects (in Russian)

5.“Cyber-security school” (2016, 2017)

Moscow Poly hosted “Cyber-security school” for young specialists in cooperation with Skolkovo Innovation Center.

Professors-practitioners, experts from Kaspersky Lab, Positive Technologies, SiteSecure and other leading IT companies delivered their lectures and master-classes on web-servers safety and personal data security. The participants immediately tested their new knowledge during the traditional competitions in CTF format. Moreover, this program plays an active role in the WorldSkills movement:

  • Concept development and organization of inter-university WorldSkills championships;
  • The development of competences FutureSkills “Cyber-security”, “Internet of Things”;
  • The competence development “IT solutions for business on the base of 1C: Enterprise”, the creation of industrial certification “1C: Junior”;
  • The development and approbation of WorldSkills SandBox concepts.

IT  faculty achievements in the field of professional staff preparation for modern digital industry are also highlighted by numerous student and professor victories during the events and competitions on the international level.

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