July 2021

Moscow Poly hosted DIR-2021 conference

June, 30

Moscow Poly hosted the conference DIR-2021 “Digital technologies and resources for career development”.

The company “Direkt-Media” organized the event in the assembly hall of Moscow Poly (Bolshaya Semyonovskaya, 38).

The goal of the conference is the experience exchange between educational organizations, vendors, experts in the field of education and professionals.

“Moscow Poly was happy to host the experience exchange and leading experts in the career development field. The last year was the driver for the digital resources development in many Universities. Moreover, such events help to establish new partnerships and chart the ways for new development and projects”, - says Guzel Sharipzyanova, the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

“Career development is a huge part of the educational filed, but it’s often underestimated. We always take every career development opportunity from complex online-courses to short YouTube videos. Career development is the source of the most advanced technologies and methodologies for the education. Pedagogics, resources and technologies and their combination give the needed result”, - says Pavel Kallinikov, the Head of “Direkt-Media” educational center.


Main topics and the work front of the conference:

–       Formation of career development market: new realities;

–       Pandemic impact on technologies and resources of career development;

–       Platforms of digital education for career development;

–       Digital resources of career development;

–       Methods of online-interaction in education;

–       Educational content development and use;

–       The role of Universities’ libraries in career development programs;

–       Career development market: main players and characters;

–       Digital practices in clients’ education’

–       Edutainment practices in career development programs;

–       Career development and educational activities: legal aspects.


You can watch the event via the link (in Russian).

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