June 2022

Moscow Poly Holds ‘Promising Transport Technologies’ Conference at Innoprom Venue

Moscow Poly acted as a co-host for the business program at the Innoprom 2022 industrial exhibition. The first “Promising Transport Technologies” international scientific practical conference held under the ‘New Mobility’ track within the framework of the business program will take place on July 4.

The conference is held by the Moscow Poly National Technical Initiative infrastructure center together with the NTI platform under assistance of NTI Foundation.

The ‘Innoprom’ venue will hold a panel discussion in the course of the conference. “Intellectual transport and systems”, “Intellectual Urban Mobility” and “Transport Logistic Services” sections will be held online.

According to the hosts, the leading Russian and international scientists are to present the results of their research activities in such areas as ICT transport system elements, AI and Cyber Secutiry, and etc.

The organizers quoted as saying: “The first ‘Promising Transport Technologies’ international scientific practical by NTI Autonet is a unique opportunity to exchange opinions, ideas and acquire the relevant information about the current and upcoming research, as well as promising elaborations”.

The highlight of the conference, as well as the exhibition itself will be the display of the shuttle developed at Moscow Poly.

In the course of the conference the will take the state secretary, deputy minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation, Andrei Keller; deputy director general of NAMI, Andrei Esaev; commercial director of Rusatom Greenway, Alexei Vasilkov; director general of NIIAT, Alexei Volostnov; ‘Strategy Partners’ partner, Andrei Andrianov; director general of “Rusatom MetalTech”, Andrei Popov; deputy director general of the ‘Moscow Transport Innovations’ foundation, Dmitry Turchin, commercial director of ‘Renera Rosatom’, Igor Drozdov, chairman of board of directors of ‘Skolkovo’.

 The conference was moderated by the director of ‘Altenit’ foundation.

The best reports will be published in journals on the SCA list, as well as RSCI data base. The publication materials are accepted until 20 September.

The participation is free. For additional information, please, contact: autonet@mospolytech.ru.


For reference: “Innoprom” is an international exhibition that is considered to be the main industrial, trade and export venue in Russia. Here, the cornerstones of policies, including the sphere of mechanical engineering innovations, are laid. The 2022 session will become one of the most important in the whole history of Innoprom. Today, Russian industry is faced with the challenges that open up new opportunities.

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