December 2023

Moscow Polytech Held Lecture “Russia in National and International Media”

A lectured called “Russia in National and International Media” took place in the art-space “ART POLYTECH”. The students of the Institute of Publishing and Journalism listened to speech delivered by the international journalists from Pakistan, Iceland and Syria.


The event was attended by:

  • Advisor for the international affairs of the “Council of Nationatilies”, the head of the bureau “Sada-e-Rus” Hamdani Ishteak Sayed Hussein;
  • Editorial director for the islandic radio station “Saga”, head of Russian Association of Correspondents, Haukur Hauksson;
  • Founder and chief editor of the “All-Russia”, member of Russian Union of Journalists Musa Adel George;

In their speech, the representatives of the international media who have been working in Russia for many years touched upon such important topics as building an objective image of Russia at an international informational space and plentitude of fake news. Apart from that, the journalists shared how they came to choose Russia as a country to acquire a degree, and recollected their first years of living in Russia having noted the amiability and openness of the Russian people.


In his report in “New Era Challenges for Journalists”, Hamdani Ishteak Sayed Hussein emphasized the importance of circulating the objective information in the international media. Haukur Kauksson support the thesis: “The strength is the truth. The information can be considered as the fourth driving force due to its influence on people`s minds and sentiments in the society”. In his speech, Musa Adel George called media, alongside with education, culture and arts, an instrument of soft power.

In the end of the meeting there was a question-answering sessions, as well as inspection of exhibit items of at “”ART POLYTECH”.


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