April 2023

Moscow Poly Held Discussions on Issues of Transition to Ecological Standard Euro-6

Moscow Poly infrastructure center “Autonet” held a round table entitled “Challenges and Prospects of Transition to Euro-6. Regulatory Enforcement Analysis”. The event united professionals from all spheres and industries interested in this topic – representatives of science. Manufacturing, exploitation and car repair.


As a reminder, Euro-6 is an ecological standard that regulates the contents of harmful substances in exhaust fumes.

According to experts, entry into force Euro-6 and the consequent events have drastically changed the structure of production and car market of the EU countries. The diesel engines in passenger segment have totally lost their position, the leading roles went to hybrids and “green” electric cars and now it`s time for trucks.

At another meeting of the working group for developing changes to the technical segment “On Wheeled Vehicle Safety”, a suggestion was put forward that envisages for step by step introduction of the Euro-6 ecological norms in Russia and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union after 2025.


At the round table held by Moscow Poly, experts discussed modernity and reasonability of transition to Euro-6: what it will mean for the transport-logistic complex and whether car manufacturers, partners and suppliers are ready for innovation under current conditions.


Merited man of science of Russia, professor at Moscow Poly department “Ecological Safety of Technical Systems” Viktor Erokhov, professor at the department of “Techno Sphere Safety” under Ulianov State University Dmitry Varnakov, professor at department of “Combined Engines” under Bauman University.

The expert opinions were voiced by the founder of the of the “Digital Diesel” enterprise for fuel apparatuses repairs Andrei Chernyavskii, board chairman of “Union of Car Repair Services” Alexander Pakhomov and the owner of the “Mechanics”, vice-president of the WERC international association of rebuilders Dmitry Danshov.

Among the participants of the round table were also Dmitry Palyonov, the project head of directorate for corporate policy and communication with the government bodies under “GAZ Group”, Oleg Philimonov director for product planning at “United Engineering Center” and Group GAZ, and Andrei Kuznetsov, director for development at “AZ GAZ”.

Bogdan Osokin, “Avtonet” expert, member of the working group under Economic Commission for Europe for developing amendments to the technical regulation ТС 018/2011 “On Wheeled Vehicle Safety”, director general of “Legion Autodata” took on the role of the host.

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