November 2023

Moscow Poly Held Events Dedicated to Day of Manager

On November 1, a solemn event devoted to the Day of Manager took place. It was organized by the department of “Management” under Moscow Poly in a mixed format. The event that united industrial partners, business community representatives, University students and teachers was held in order to strengthen relations with partners and holding career guidance for the future enrollees.

In the first part of the event there was a panel discussion – “Manager`s Corporate Social Responsibility under Conditions of Dynamics Business Environment”. The following persons participated in the event:

Elena E. Alyonina – candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, head of department of “Management” under Moscow Poly;

Alexandra V. Gridchina – doctor of economic sciences, professor, department of “Management” under Moscow Poly, deputy of the Alexeevskiy municipal disctrict;

Igor A. Strakhov – head of administration of the Alexeevskiy municipal district, second-class municipal advisor for Moscow, second-class full state counsellor for the Sakhalin region, Russian Municipal Academy academician, corresponding member of the International Management Academy, Association of Russian lawyers;

Elena A. Shusharina – head of administration of the city of Alexandrov, member of the Council of People`s Deputies of the city of Alexandrov representing LDPR party;

Nikita A. Smirnova – director for communications with government authorities, “Polyus Krasnoyarsk”

Maxim A. Gorskikh – marketing director, Kamensk-Uralsk non-ferrous metal processing factory;

Anna V. Nikulina – director general of “AVN Business”;

Marina A. Chetvertkova – entrepreneur, business coach;

Ekaterina M. Grigorieva – founder of “ALLEGRO 23”


In the second part of the event, there was the finals of the applied research in the sphere of manager`s corporate social responsibility under the conditions of dynamins business environment. The best participants received prizes.

In conclusion of the event, two workshops took place where school and college students, as well as students of Moscow Poly participated.

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