August 2022

Moscow Poly Freshmen Choosing Dormitories

Students enrolled in the 1st year to Moscow Poly under the full-time form of education falling under the welfare beneficiaries group will be able to choose dormitories according to the following schedule:

From 12:00 19 August to  21 August 12:00  – for enrollees enrolled to the University without the entrance examination, whose average point is over 85, the minimum set by the University loyalty program.

From 12:00 23 August to 12:00 25 August – for enrollees admitted to the University before 20 August 2022 who have a permanent registration beyond Moscow small ring road (if places are available).

From 12:00 2 September to 12:00 4 September – for enrollees admitted to the University before 31 August who have a permanent registration beyond Moscow small ring road (if available).

From 12:00 13 September to 12:00 14 September – for enrollees admitted before 14 September 2022 who have a permanent registration beyond Moscow small ring road (if available places).


The dormitory can only be chosen after:

  • Enrollee sign the declaration on infectious diseases not later than the day before choosing the dormitory;   

  • Provided the confirmation that the provided documents certifying belonging of the enrollee to the welfare beneficiary group (if applicable);

If the enrollee failed to do that in time, they are allowed to choose the dormitory during the next period according to the schedule.

Procedure for Choosing Dormitories

The student should choose the preferable dormitory out of the list of the dormitories available for accommodation and confirms their choice by pressing “Apply”. Having pressed “Apply” the student is not able to change their decision anymore. In case the student doesn`t choose the dormitory, dormitory administration employees will do that instead of them.

Having chosen the dormitory the students will get the information about the number of their dormitory, their room number and the date of placement.

The actual placement to dormitories will take place in the period between 1 to 14 September (a week before the additive course for the admitted students start and not later than the beginning of the academic year).

Medical Certificates

First-year students will have to upload the following medical certificates to the “Details about the Admitted” section not later than 14 days after their dormitory placement:

  • fluorography certificate;
  • dermatovenerologic dispensary certificate;
  • RW HIV and RW results.

Dermatovenerologic dispensary certificate and HIV and RW results shouldn’t be dated later than 1 month before the date of provision, whereas fluorography certificate – not later than 6 months. The certificates in foreign languages shall come together with their notarized translation into Russian.

Residential Lease Agreement

The residential lease agreement shall be signed by the resident in student`s personal account using the electronic signature before being placed to the dormitory.

Students under 18 can enter into the residential lease agreement under the condition of providing one of the following documents:

  • the consent by the legal representative for entering in the residential lease agreement;    
  • guardianship and custodianship service provision or court decision for announcing the under-age students fully legally capable.

The consent should come with a legal representative`s passport copy and under-age student`s birth certificate.  The set of the documents specified above shall be provided online in student personal account.

Before entering into the residential lease agreement the student should familiarize themselves with the internal regulations, safety and fire prevention measures, otherwise the residential lease agreement can`t be signed.

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22 September 2022
Moscow Poly Starts Cooperation with BFU in Engineering and HighTech

Heads of Moscow Poly and Baltic Federal University (BFU) n.a. Immanuel Kant have signed the agreement on cooperation between the Universities. The documents was signed by the president Vladimir Miklushevskii and rector Alexander Fyodorov. The signing procedure took place during the business visit of Moscow Poly representatives to Kaliningrad.


The Parties have agreed to develop cooperation in higher education in engineering and high technologies. Among joint areas are implementation of scientific and educational projects and events, developing student and teacher academic mobility, as well as realization of network educational programs.

During the visit, Moscow Poly delegation was introduced to elaborations made by the “Fabrika” center for multiple-access operations. This business accelerator under Moscow Poly unites scientific-research labs specializing in various field areas. It focuses on elaborations in physics, material science, biomedicine and others.


According to the vice president for research and elaborations Anton Nalivaiko, the synergy of production premises and competencies acquired at Moscow Poly and BFT may contribute to solving complex practical tasks that the country is facing today, including the university key partner – “Avtotor Holding” large vehicle manufacturer located in Kaliningrad.

“We hope for a long and lasting cooperation with BFU both in educational and research spheres”, - noted Anton Nalivaiko.

As a reminder, the Cooperation Agreement was signed with the administration of the Kiliningrad region.

Together with “Avtotor Holding”, Moscow Poly is implementing an “Available Car” strategic project under the “Priority 2030” federal program.

16 September 2022
Moscow Poly Students Started Work On Over 150 Projects

Moscow Poly students have started their studies in one of the main disciplines taught at the University – ‘Project Activity’. The discipline will be present during all 4 years of their bachelor and specialist studies. Overall, there are more than 150 diverse projects in technical and engineering sphere, science, creative industries and other frames of reference.

Thus, how did the first classes go:

The “Photopolymer 3D Printer” team project took part in “Application Guide” exhibition (Moscow Poly booth). With the help of a 3D printer, students demonstrated the enrollees an example of a successfully implemented project.

3D Printer

The “Composite Adsorbents” project team has started preparations for holding experiments. Students explored the work with refractometer. The plans for the nearest future are to carry out tests using new sorbent.


The “Autonomous Transportation Systems. Robotics” project team has wired up and started the system via photo and tested the system operation correctness.

Autonomous Transportation Systems

The “Comi-Tech” project team studied examples of Russian and International comics.


The “New Library” team members and supervisors have held a meetup in the course of the “2nd Reading Assembly of the Commonwealth”. The responsibilities were divided within the team, the goals and deadlines were clearly set. The students have practically evaluated the volume of work and developed the strategy for project promotion. One of the novelties became the organization within “Asterix” cinema club – the name is still being considered.


The “WorldSkills” team formed of students majoring in ‘Flying Robotics’ has discussed the existing technical solutions in cargo discharge from unmanned aviation systems and set identified the main ideas for developing technical offers.


The “DURECELL. Bettery Recycling” team has held a working meeting with the client`s project representative, head of the “Duracell. Battery Recycling” enterprise federal structure Alexander Pestereev.


According to the Center for Project Activity employees, the guys develop and turn their ideas into reality themselves or under assistance from the industrial partners of the University – so far, there are over 350 of them. If a student has some idea that`s going to pass the expertise assessment  it will be launched in the course of a discipline.


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