October 2022

Moscow Poly Expert Shared Advantages Network Programs

The press service of the Russian Ministry of Science [and Higher Education] reported about a webinar for universities in the sphere of ‘network’ educational programs and mechanisms for practical trainings.

In 2022, 10 Russian universities launched new educational programs in a network form. So far, a total of 16 similar programs is being implemented with approximately 330 people including 108 students who have enrolled to the University in 2021 studying.

The participants of the webinar in “Exploration by HEIs of Practices for Educational Programs Implementation in a Network Form. Practical training – Implementation Practice” discussed the legal and regulatory work that has been conducted and exchanged the best practices in network interaction. Over 900 university representatives joined the online event.

The network form of educational programs implementations refers to a structure of education when the resources used are provided by several universities, companies and. Such a way of interaction allows to increase the quality level and availability of higher education, as well as expand the list of specializations and training field areas that universities offer.

“Network program learning has many advantages. This, as well as process optimization based on increasing information and communicative capabilities; ensuring an open access to the network resources of the organization in an individual order; optimization of ratio between theoretical and practical training; and ways of looking for solutions to social problems (education for disabled, etc.,)”, – noted the vice-president for academic affairs Guyzel Shripzyanova.

Russian Technological University, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, St.Petersburg State Marine University, Vologda State University, Cherepovets State University, Bauman University representatives have also shared their experience.

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