September 2022

Moscow Poly Employees Participated in Workshop for Competence Centers

In the end of August, the Corporate University under Nizhny Novgorod Administration has held an educational cultural workshops for the heads and employees of the Competence Centers. 130 people from 96 universities scattered around 40 Russian regions have taken part in the event. Moscow Poly was represented by the head for educational policy Nikolay Silevyorstov.

The workshop entitled “Competence Centers: a Year in Tune with Universities” has been held by the presidential platform – “Russia – Country of Opportunities”.

As a reminder, there 50 Competence Centers that have been established under the “Russia – Country of Opportunities” initiative. These Centers allow students to develop their supra professional competencies. The Centers are carry out their activities in 25 Russian regions. Moscow Poly is one of the Universities that have Competence Centers functioning as a part of their infrastructure.

Since the project was launch, in the course of the 2021/22 academic year, over 200 Moscow students have undergone the assessment of their competences. One of the tasks that the Centers focus on is to help students develop soft skills – the common managing competencies necessary for the students and graduates. These competencies are what employers require today.

The opening ceremony was held with the participation of the head of Personnel Policy Department under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Alexei Svistunov, and the head of department for assessment and methodology under “Russia – Country of Opportunities” ANS, Dmitry Guzhel.

In his speech, Dmitry Guzhel, noted: “Under our project we carry out the competencies assessment, build personal growth trajectories and upgrade competencies – by means of educational programs, too. The question of huge significance for the development of all university community as the practice for joint cooperation between the Competence Centers and Centers for Career in favour of the Universities, regions and the country in general”.

According to Nikolay Selivyorstov, in the course of the 3 days that the workshop lasted, the participants exchanged their experience on the successful interaction with the region heads and studies effective practices for cooperating with employers.

“We also considered and studies various mechanisms that help motivate and prompt student scientific communities (SSC) for participation in management competencies diagnostics and setting the goals for the academic year”, - shared Moscow Poly director for education policy, Nikolay Selivyorstov.

For reference: the “Russia – County of Opportunities” autonomous non-commercial organization has been established at the initiative of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The key goals of the organizations are to create conditions for improving social mobility, ensuring personal and professional self-realization, as well as creating effective social elevators in Russia.

Over 4 years of platform performance, more than 15,000,000 people from all regions of Russia and 150 countries participated in the project, and over 1,500 companies, universities, state and non-government organizations have partnered with it.

In the framework of the “Russia – country of opportunities”, the department for assessment and methodology has been established in late 2022. It focuses on developing and implementing instruments management and business competencies assessment into all contests and projects of the platform and its partners, establishing and rendering facilitation to the Competence Centers at universities, assessing, educational process planning and training personnel for Competence Centers.

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