September 2022

Moscow Poly Discussed Sector-Specific Development Prospects for Russian Car Industry

On 29 September, Thursday, Moscow Poly held a seminar and concurrently a technological and expert session devoted to development of Russian car industry. The event was held by the “Avtonet” infrastructure scientific-research center under Moscow Poly.

Among the participants of the event were workers from MADI, MISIS, “EvoCargo” LLC, “NAPTO” association, “Center for Legal Support” expertise center and other representatives of expert and business communities.

“Regulatory and Legal Support for Autonomous Transportation Means Implementation” scientific-technical seminar

The discussion related to unmanned vehicles, relevant legal framework and hurdles preventing Russia to implement technologies for automated driving, as well as other issues.

“Strategy 2035: Legal Mechanisms and Hurdles of Car Manufacturing Industry” expert session

The key topic was the project by MinPromTorg [Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation] on Russian Car Industry Development by 2035.

Among the questions that were touched upon during the discussion: the risks and barriers of the sector-specific legislation, new strategy targets practicability evaluation, legal aspects and mechanisms of implementation in electrical transport, manufacturing localization and technologies, as well as international cooperation in the sphere of innovative transportation and infrastructure.

Suggestions and recommendations were also put forward on how to update the “Avtonet” road map and draft the regulatory documents.

“Regulatory and Legal Support for Automated Transportation Technologies Implementation” technological session at Entrepreneurship Tochka Kipeniya

Here, one could learn about launching unmanned trucks at truck roads and certify it, study the development experience of development and energy efficient driving system commercialization. Expert in virtual modelling and power saving Sergei Shadrin told the participants of the session how to develop unmanned car and launch it for the Russian and European markets.

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