April 2022

Moscow Poly Delegation Participated in Main Photonics Exhibition

Moscow Poly delegation participated in the 16th international specialized “Photonics. World of Laser and Optics 2022” exhibition of laser, optical and optical electronic equipment and technologies.

The event took place in the period between 29 March and 1 April at “Expocentre” exhibition complex.

The past three days Moscow Poly team represented by Arkadiy Skvortsov, the head of “Dynamics, Endurance of Machines and Equipment” department; Alexei Kudryashov, the professor at “Physics” department, scientific advisor for “Adaptive Optics for Laser Technologies of the Future” project and Vladimir Nikolaev, senior lecturer at the Centre for Project Activity held a series of meetings aimed at developing scientific and production cooperation in the field of adaptive optics and laser technologies.

Alexei Kudryashov, the scientific advisor of the project, presented a gartmanometre, the advice for measuring the plane of optical products by using Shack-Hartmann sensor. The diameter of the component measured is 100mm, but the optical scheme allows to study the objects sized up to 500mm.

Delegation has also demonstrated how the adaptive optical system is structured. The system comprises a flexible biomorphic mirror, a mirror operation system, sensors, diode laser with collimator and an aberrating plank. The adaptive system will be used to improve and direct the laser radiation to an object, as well as increasing the resolution of images taken of the objects in optically inhomogeneous environments.

In the course of the exhibition Moscow Poly representatives left an applications at the “Inject” and “Rosatom” booths for a potential evaluation of the “Inject” scientific production enterprise in terms producing laser diodes with the wave length between 405…450nm for the Russian market.

Moscow Poly delegates pointed out that the “Photonics 2022” exhibition embraces a whole range of Moscow Poly interests within the “Adaptive Optics and Laser Technologies of the Future” project that Moscow Poly implements. Productive work at the exhibition allows to showcase Moscow Poly scientists` achievements and elaborations for a wide use under current sanctions and establishing effective communication between scientific educational community and potential industrial partners.

The “Photonics. World of Lasers and Lasers” exhibition has been held since 2006. This is the most attented event in this branch in Russia. The exhibition has proved itself as a bright innovation showcase, the main event in this sector both in Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe where the latest achievements on laser optical market

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