November 2022

Moscow Poly Created Prototype of Two-Handed Robot Knowing Gestures

The research officers from Moscow Poly Faculty of Information Technologies developed a robot prototype that knows sign language. In addition to that, the University developed a gesture-mimic interface for human-computer interaction that has made it possible to use domestic devices, gadgets and industrial manipulators in a contactless manner. The “Kommersant” news agency shares the details about the elaboration.

Currently, the robot has two hands with flexible fingers. These features allow it to show letters, words and express emotions. In other words, the machine can communicate with a wide number of gestures. The program responsible for hands movements is based on the Russian language.

“The future machine assistants will most probably look like anthropomorphic creatures, – shared Moscow Poly Faculty of Information Technologies professor Yury Philippovich, – Nowadays, we use “robots” but I don`t think that this word is suitable when referring to these machines. However, the key question is about who and how will make these creatures and what the new industry will be like. That`s what the elaborations that we`re working on are about.”

According to Yury Philippovich, back then the scientific technical system was closely related to cars that became the flagship of industrial development of the XXth century. Whereas the new horizon of the industrial revolution will be based on manufacturing anthropomorphic machines with not only “human appearance” among their features but also possessing linguistic consciousness – ability to “think” by means of using natural language.

The research work and modeling linguistic consciousness is carried out under the “Computational Linguistic and Artificial Intelligence” master program. The program is based on the thoughts of leading scientists of the “Russian Linguistic Identity” scientific school. The research and elaborations that are being carried out are devoted to creating info-cognitive technologies and system for human-computer interaction – Cognizer (from lat. ‘cognitio’ – apprehension).

Together with scientists and experts, master students will undertake various psycho-linguistic experiments that should result in creating an intellectual system that would allow to create brand new communicative technologies in IT.

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