September 2021

Moscow Poly Courses for High-School Students

Moscow Poly Engineering School launched study groups for high-school students (8-11 grade) in 5 programs:

Basics of flying robotics and drone aircrafts mechanisms

The course includes the following sections:

1. Drones’ spheres of use in the modern world and industry.

2. Main drone parts and performance support systems.

3. Current state of the labor market in the field of drones.


The participants will learn how to assemble a drone and control it in the simulator program and real life.

Programming basics in Python and video games development

GameDev is not just a trend, but also a deep world, created both for teenagers, who begin to learn programming and for large companies, earning millions on video games. One of the most popular and convenient program languages is Python. The speed and simplicity of program creation on Python speak for its reputation in a variety of fields. Game programming and creation of multi-media content are one of the language advantages.

The teenagers will learn:

1. Basics of one of the most demanded programming language – Python;

2. Drawing and object animation with the help of a code;

3. Creation of their own games.

New devices developing with the use of Arduino platform

The humanity has been inventing different devices, which make life easier, for millennia. The first machine tools, computers and robots have appeared due to this aspiration to create. Today a “smart” device can be created not only by scientists and engineers. This course will help you to learn how to assemble and program your personal devices with the help of electronic constructor Arduino.

The platform Arduino has an open architecture and a simple programming language. If you apply different sensors to the platform, you’ll be able to receive information about the environment, send data to the computer and manage other applied elements. If you know the work principle of Arduino devices, you can construct robots, distributed systems of a smart house and other electronics.

Designing of autonomous unmanned drone aircrafts.

Course on autonomous unmanned drone aircrafts gives certain information about the work in the sphere "Autodesk Inventor". The participants will develop drone parts in 3D, calculate its characteristics, use and test their developments on real drone aircrafts.

Moreover, the educational course include a topical unit on material science in the field of RPAS construction: a demonstration and theoretical basis of the material use for particular tasks.

Development of augmented reality apps

The course is for everybody, who is interested in the technology of augmented reality. Even if you lack experience in app development, you’ll easily learn how to use required tools.


You’ll be able to:

1. Learn about history and possibilities of augmented reality.

2. Understand work principles and limits of AR.

3. Master basic working skills in required development areas.

4. Create an object in AR with the help of a tutor.

5. Learn how to develop AR apps.

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