April 2023

Moscow Poly Awarded Winners of Student Scientific Conference 2023

Moscow Poly held awarding ceremony for the prize-winners of the 73rd International Student Scientific Conference. 800+ people participated in 55 closed sections of the SSC. 150 works in open sections were presented by 56 universities fr om 5 countries.


Moscow Poly vice-president for scientific affairs under Moscow Anton Nalivaiko noted from the stage that holding Scientific Student Conference is a crucial tradition for the University.

“Engaging students in the scientific activity and development of youth policy in the sphere science is the key mission for every university. Student science turns into real contracts and engineering bureau very fast. We know it through our own experience wh ere the majority of scientific and technical centers received opportunities to implement their ideas thanks to students` ideas, creativity and energy”.

The following Moscow Poly students became prize-winners of the Student Scientific Conference 2023:

The latest achievements in science and technology

3 place: Yury Malienko (scientific advisor – senior lecturer T.Gorbunova);

 Production Automation and Robotic Complexes

1 place: Artem Malkarov (assistant professor М. Arkhipov);

Pressing Issues in Humanitarian Knowledge

1 place – Ulianа Apukhtina (assistant professor Yu. Lobanova);

2 place – Artem Aisuakov, Nikita Usachyov (assistant professor N. Isaeva);

Pressing Issues in Transport and Technological Vehicles

1 place – Егор Климов (assistant professor A.Fironov);

2 place – Alexander Glinin, Daniil Posunko, Timophei Vasko (assistant professor Д. Apelinsky);

3 place – Zamir Khudayarov (professor A.Skvortsov);

Biotechnology and Chemistry

2 place – Anastasia Popova (assistant professor А. Аlekseevskii)

3 place – Elena Solntseva (assistant professor О. Gromov);

Issues of Power Generation and Urban Environment Development

1 place – Vasily Volzhninov (D.Varlamov);

3 place – Ilya Shvedov, Ekaterina Semyonova (I. Saveliev);

Publishing and Journalism in Modern Media Systems

2 place – Elizaveta Shvetsova (assistant professor E.Mzhelskaya);

Book Art, Graphic Design and Multimedia Design

1 place –Vera Egereva (PhD in art history Т. Lemeshko, PhD in art history V.Krishtopaitis);

2 place – Alyona Morozova, Darya Lebedeva (Moscow Poly Kolomna affiliation, А. Lobanov);

Material Science and New Material Technology

1 place – Valerii strizheus (professor R. Latypov);

Materials, Technology and Applied Book Publishing

1 place – Natalya Bogdanova (assistant professor О. Mitriakova);

2 place – Kirill Zakharov, Mark Kurasov, Alexei Lomakin (professor А. Utyokhin);

Mechanics of Machines, Engineering Modelling and Design

3 place – Nikolai Korolyov (assistant professor Е. Petrakova);

Advanced Engineering Manufacturing Technologies

1 place –Elizaveta Kvaralnova (assistant professor D. Burtsev);

3 place –Ilya Slyusar (professor B. Saushkin);

 Promising Information Technologies and Digital Economics

1 place – Alexei Sergeev (assistant professor S. Suvorov); 

2 place – Kirill Faurman (assistant professor К. Pitelinskii);

2 place – Dmitry Voronin (assistant professor А. Tolstikov);

3 place – Andrei Tkachyov, Artyom Uglov (senior lecturer I. Nikishina);

Modern Tendencies of Development in Physical Education and sports in Higher Education

1 place –Ekaterina Korolova (assistant professor А. Fyodorov);

2 place –Alexander Zakharov, Georgy Sharipov (senior lecturer S. Perminov);

Technique of Law Temperatures and Nanotechnologies

1 place – Danila Muska, Mikhail Kotelny, Alexander Arkhipov (professor Valerii Klevleev);

3 place –Zakhar Antoshkin (А. Ermolaev);

Technical Regulations and Quality Management

2 place –Fyodor Shatilov, Angelina Asulgareeva (assistant N. Kashirina);

Socio-Economic System Management in Economy of Sustainable Development

1 place – Emilia Neiman, Dmitry Vasiliev (professor V. Nikolskii);

2 place – Petr Ptushkin (assistant professor О. Korotun);

3 place – Anastasia Rudenko (professor V. Kurennaya);

Physical – Mathematical Sciences and Application

1 place – Maxim Ivanov, Ignat Mezentsev, Artyom Yakushenko (М. Koryachko, V. Strizheus);

2 place – Anna Bykova, Alexandra Naryzhnaya (assistant professor S.Mukhanov);

3 place – Kirill Zakharov, Mark Kurasov (assistant professor L.Volkova).

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