April 2022

Moscow Poly Artists Display Works in Exhibition by Pushkin Reserve

According to TASS, on Thursday (28 April), Pushkin reserve near Pskov opened a painting exhibition by Moscow artists. The exhibition will be open until 31 December 2022.

The paintings are created by the Moscow Poly Favorsky Institute of Graphics and Book Art teachers and are devoted to 100th anniversary of the “Mikhailovskoe” Pushkin historico-literary and environmental reserve-museum.

The press of the reserve states: “Pushkin Reserve has opened a new “Road to Pushkin” exhibition. The authors of the works displayed are Moscow Poly Favorsky Institute of Graphics and Book Art teachers. Our friends provided their works that were created during the spring plein air sessions in 2021. The exhibition is dedicated to 100th anniversary of the Pushkin reserve”.

The exposition shows off more than 50 works created in painting technique, signature style graphics or tirage graphics with “prevailing of landscape and book illustrations”.

“Among others, several names can be singled out that are already familiar to the museum visitors: Asya Shevarova, Tatyana Karp, Alexandra Ponomaryova, Ekaterina Voronina, as well as some fresh names – Yulia Gzhelskaya, Mikhail Belogurov. As a token of their appreciation, the artists contributed 34 works to the collection. The works portrait various Pushkin places in different seasons. An all-time participant of the plein air session Larisa Antonova has gifted portraits of Puskin`s sons – Alexander and Grigoriy - specially created by her for the anniversary”, - says the message.


Reserve-museum website.

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