December 2022

Moscow Poly Academicians to Take Up Improving Energy Efficiency

The ‘Russian Gazeta’ tells about a lab in detail.

The work is carried out under the “Science and HEI” national project. The project runs for 3 years. In the course of this period, there will be annual allocations from the federal budget in the amount of 17,9 million rubles.

The participants of the projects are to engage in developing innovation devices for heat supply systems and building ventilation, air purification and air quality control, and to study possible prospects for optimization of consumption of all types of energy. To put it simpler, make the environment around human more comfortable and safe.

For instance, the conventional air ventilation system is on non-stop and constantly consumes air. That is not economic and effective. The innovative ventilation system adapts to consumers` needs. If the CO2 level dropped, or people left the room, or the motion is not detected then the system switched into the power saving mode and decreases its productivity.

“Our aim is to theoretically justify and practically implement the new engineering solutions in the sphere of heat supply and ventilation equipment for civil and industrial buildings”, – shared the dean of the Moscow Poly Faculty of Urban Studies and Urban Economy Kirill Lushin. - “Moreover, we also pay attention to the internal microclimate for vehicles. We engage our undergraduate and post-graduates into the research activity and train young specialists for specialized departments”.

The team united both Moscow Poly specialist and practicing engineers from the running enterprising including those who develop “smart house” systems.

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