August 2023

Moscow Poly Artists Paint Landscapes and Landmarks of Astrakhan’ Region

In July 2023, the Favorsky Institute of Graphics and Book Art students undertook their internship in Astrakhan’. In the course of one of the trip, they paid a visit to the village “Bolshoi Mogoi”. The “Zarya Kaspiya” news tells more about the trip.


The group spent 1 day to get to Bolshoi Mogoi village, they took a ferry to the main landmark – the church of Three Saints. Some found a place and got down to work, others had to stroll to find a better angle. The teachers drew alongside with students at the same time providing students with consultations and providing advice. They didn`t only recommend, for instance, drawing the church frontally, as on a post card, but also search for a more peculiar sceneries that included village streets, the river bank and other objects.

Everybody chose the motive that they preferred for themselves. Having completed the work over one assignment, they moved on to the next one – performed several sketches. According to Nikolay Kotlyarov, the object – church, small houses, barns, haystacks and even cemetery – represent for an artist a very lively graphic and picturesque interest so, the choice of the objects was quite diverse.

All students were assigned with a detailed task for the general internship of two weeks. Every student had to draw the minimum of 10 pieces of art and 10 graphics works. Apart from that, the artists has to submit a big volume of preparatory works and sketches, and separate tasks. The results of the whole internship period were accessed at the final review ceremony held by the School of Arts. More than hundred works were selected by teachers for a reporting exhibition in Moscow. Also, a catalogue-album is planned to be compiled of work reproductions, so that every one could preserve memories about the wonderful plain-air in Astrakhan’.


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