November 2021

Interview with a Young Scientist of Moscow Poly

Inga Borodkina, author of the “Faces of the Faculty” project, interviewed Ivan Soloviev, student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, second term of master’s course.

Ivan, tell us about yourself and your life before the university. Why did you choose Moscow Poly?

I graduated from a Moscow school. I have always been an activist. I liked various school events and participated in most of them. In the 10th grade, I began to think about a future specialization and a university to study it. I was preparing for Unified State Exam for the duration of 11th grade and went to open door days of various universities. I made up my mind rather quickly and after graduation, I submitted my documents only to one university – Moscow Poly. It is a good university and I was interested in the direction of study that is why I chose it. I have always wanted to be an engineer. In 2020, I graduated with a bachelor degree from “Material Studies and Technologies” program and applied for master’s program at the same department for “Bio-compatible Technologies in Medicine” program.

When did you started to pursue science and what have you achieved already?

At first, the university seemed strange: new form of study, drastically different from the school one, new groupmates. But I got lucky with my group and teachers. I got into science at the 3rd term. Moscow Poly started development of ion-implantation and magnetron deposition facility. I became interested with it and wrote an article, published in international journal.

Is there a person who inspired your choice? Who got you into science?

Victor Vasilievich Ovchinnikov did. He was a lector at that moment, now he is head of the materials science department. During his lectures, I grew interested in this area of science. Later I begin studying topic, in which we both are interested, under his guidance. I am very grateful to Victor Vasilievich for the scientific guidance he gave. I consider him my mentor. He gave me a start at science, supported and keeps supporting me on my path. Victor Vasilievich offered me to participate on project, gave me lots of useful literature, which I studied with a great interest. He helped with writing an article after he saw my eagerness. Now he is my research advisor at master courses.

What is your primary research interest nowadays?

During one of our lectures, we studied ion-implantation and teacher explained that such a facility takes a lot of place, so I came up with idea to make it smaller. Now our university develops small-size ion-implantation Facility and I take part in its development and modernization. Soon this project will be finished and patent will be formed based on the results.

Can you share your plans with us?

Currently I am planning about graduation and further application to post-graduate studies. This academic year I am going to venture into teaching. I work at the materials science department. It provides a great experience in communication and tuition.

How does a young scientist spend his free time?

It is necessary to keep your health in a good shape in any type of activity, because sustained focusing on something strains your eyes. It is also harmful to sit at your work place for a long time. In this case I like to spend time in an active form at the fresh air. I also study judo since my childhood; this type of sport develops both strength of body and spirit.

What can you tell those, who is facing a choice, should he attend to science?

I would like to give an advice: before starting scientific activities, young researcher must evaluate his time, if he has enough time not only to study topics of his area of interest, but also study all-round literature, because science requires lots of additional knowledge in order to understand separate thing.

Thank you for an interesting conversation!

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