April 2023

Moscow Poly International Student Learnt About Traditions of Celebrating Easter in Russia

Moscow Poly held celebrations of Easter for the University international students. The students fr om Guinea, Afghanistan, Sri-Lanka, Eritrea, Mongolia, Indonesia, Cameroon, Nigeria and Pakistan dived into the history and culture of the holiday, and tried Easter treats.

Students learnt about traditions of preparing to the holiday of Easter after which there was a quiz on Easter games and history of symbols of the holiday. The guests of the event answered questions such as what color is thought to be traditional to color Easter eggs, what day of the week before Easter people usually clean their houses on, and what activities are usually held for children on Ester and so on. Each of the winners received an Easter cakes – kulich.


Those willing had a chance to participate in a workshop wh ere under the supervision of the Center for Project Activity specialists they made Easter decorations.

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