March 2024

Industry-Specific Holiday: Moscow Polytech Celebrates World Engineering Day on March 4

The holiday was established by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations and officially declared by the UNESCO General Conference in November 2019. The key goal is to give tribute to the efforts that engineers, scientists and inventors make and thank them for their contribution to the development of the humankind.

For Moscow Polytech, engineering day is an industry-specific holiday. Over the years, thousands of specialists graduated from the University walls. These specialists made a great contribution to the development of science and technology. In 2022, together with industrial partners Moscow Polytech established an Advanced Engineering School of Electric Transport. The School holds intakes for the advanced master programs, namely “Racing Engineering”, “Engineering Design”, “Mechatronics”, “Software Engineering in Automotive Industry” and “Highly-Automated Transport Vehicles”. The teaching staff is formed of experts from the leading Russian car manufacturing companies, whereas the training focuses on the demands of the modern market. 

“Dear colleagues-engineers! I`d like to congratulate you on the World Engineering Day! We`re those who design and builds who find solutionы to the complex engineering tasks, who make the world around better and more comfortable. But that is only a small part of our profession. We are also those who can feel the beauty and uniqueness – the real art of engineering, and who can make the boldest ideas come true. I`m convinced that every truly innovative project starts with understanding its beauty. And as true modern specialists, we aren`t only able to combine the practicality with a sense of aesthetic but also take the art of engineering to a new level! Today, on this special day, I`d like to express my sincere gratitude to every engineer. You ability to see the world in a different angle and think outside the box in difficult situations allow us to grow, improve our living conditions and make this world better. I wish you inspiration, success and new professional achievements! May your every project be fruitful, and every task – surmountable. Be more creative and persistent in pursuing the goals that your set before yourselves!” –Moscow Polytech AES director Pablo Iturralde.


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