March 2024

I Always Liked Russian Culture: International Student about Moving to Russia

Moscow Polytech postgraduate Arifa Ashrafi talked about moving to Russia and working at the University.

Can you tell a little about yourself? Where are you from?

I came from Bangladesh. I completed my postgraduate studies in “Infocognitive Technologies” at Moscow Polytech. The sphere of my interest for PhD sign languages. I worked with 3 languages – Bengal, English and Russian. Currently, I`m working as a teacher assistant, and teach preparatory course students Informatics.

Why did you decide to move to Russia?

After graduating from College I studies at a Medical School for one year. I really hated it. Tried to find free scholarships to study abroad. As a result, I received offers from Turkey, England and Russia. All field areas were related to informatics.

Why did you decide to choose this specialty?

My dad wanted me to become a doctor. But it wasn`t my cup of tea. I`ve always wanted to develop computer games. So, I though Russia would be the most proper option. Besides, I`ve always liked the Russian culture, its language and climate. I often watched movies about Russia and was really amazed by snow.

How was you received in Moscow Poly?

Very good. There are many teachers and students who I managed to find common ground with. Everybody is really friendly. Plus, by that time and learnt Russian well.

What did you remember during the studies?

My scientific advisor is very empathetic and compassionate person. He helped me find job at University. I liked combining work and studies because my friends are my colleagues.

Who do you work as?

I had to take up teaching very young, and I worked as a tutor for some time. I teach “Fundamentals of Web Design” at Moscow Polytech.

Do you face any problems because of the bad language?

No. There is no need to speak Russian to my students during the class, as the working language is universal. It`s English.

Are you a strict teacher?

Yes. I always say that students should submit their works in time and not get distracted during the classes. I want them to study something during the class.

How do you build communication with students?

Students are often surprised that I`m a foreigner. They take me for a student and try to find the person who`s going to host classes.

Do you have a favourite Russian dish?

Syrniki and bliny (crepes)

Are you planning to stay in Russia?

Yeah, I want to live here. I like it here. The most important reason is that people are into their own lives, not others`.

What advice can you give to international students who just came to Russia?

Learn the language, respect the country and don`t forget to study well.

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