September 2020

How to identify the innovative potential of the global brands Apple, Samsung, Hexsokin?

Engineers of  Moscow Poly developed "Hardware and software complex for monitoring vital signs" and received a patent for their development. The complex will allow monitoring the vital signs of a person, as well as improving the quality of their measurements using wearable (non-invasive) sensors. This, in turn, will lead to effective and early detection of pathologies in the state of human health and reduce the risks of sudden death.

Our talented engineers outrated Apple's steadily growing iWatch lineup, Samsung's announced Simband wearable health monitor, and Hexsokin's Astroskin solution at NASA.

The hardware and software complex for monitoring vital signs is a T-shirt fixed on the chest with a strong component in the solar plexus region and straps on the shoulders and on the line of attachment of sensors under the chest. The shirt is made of elastic fabric material with a flexible polymer wiring system for power distribution from the central data aggregator. The aggregator contains a subsystem for hot swapping of batteries and a wireless communication and recharging controller for connecting micropower sensors, on which a battery is installed as an additional board and a system for warning about its low charge. The plug-in connections of the controller data interfaces are made with the possibility of connecting high-current sensors. The sensor network of the complex, located according to the modular principle, includes a non-invasive body-worn biochemical sensor for lactate and glucose content of a flow-through type based on bioelectrochemical analysis of sweat composition, a non-invasive body-worn semiconductor sensor for temperature and humidity of the skin, a non-invasive body-worn electrocardiograph for 4-6 leads, a multispectral sensor for measuring parameters pulse oximetry, a sensor for measuring the frequency and volume of respiration based on tensometric data, a sensor for measuring blood pressure and a system of sensors for measuring the motor activity of both the center of mass of the body and its individual parts, joints and limbs with fixation of the kinematic vectors of movements in dynamics.

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