May 2020

Happy International Museum Day!

We wish Happy International Museum Day the staff of the Department of Museum and Exhibition Activities of Moscow Polytechnic University!

Today there are 2 Museum at Moscow Polytechnic University (Museum of the History of Printing, Publishing and MGUP named after Ivan Fedorov (Mikhalkovskaya, 7) and a Room of Rare Books named after M. I. Pogodin (Bolshaya Semenovskaya, 38, room a-109) and four exhibitions (exhibition halls of the Institute of Graphics And Book Art (Bolshaya Semenovskaya, 38, room N-401 and Mikhalkovskaya, 7, room 3301), Gallery of the Printing Arts Center (Sadovaya-Spasskaya, 4/8), Exhibition Hall (Pavla Korchagina, 22) of the site.

More than 7,000 people attend our events every year. In 2019, more than 20 exhibition events were held. Interactive programs on Mikhalkovskaya and Sadovaya-Spasskaya streets are very popular among schoolchildren. Presenters reveal the history of printing and graphic art in an interesting game form.

The staff of the Department conducts tedious work on the collection, description and digitization of Museum funds. Almost 23,000 printed publications are collected, and more than 100 items of printing equipment are stored. Even the Polytechnic Museum has no such a selection of printing equipment.

An important aspect of the team's work is Patriotic education and work to preserve and remember the Victory in the Great Patriotic war. Now the fourth book with memoirs of war veterans and children of war is being prepared for publication. It will contain the memories of veterans of higher education institutions that became part of the Moscow Polytechnic University.

Now, in the conditions of the isolation regime, the team continues to work remotely in all areas: to create virtual tours and electronic catalogs, write a book, conduct webinars with students on Patriotic topics.

Special attention should be paid to the Federal Museum of Professional Education (branch) of Moscow Polytechnic University in the city of Podolsk. Today it is the only Museum in Russia dedicated to the history of the formation, development and achievements of professional education, an active participant in international and Federal Museum events, and the organizer of the "Days of the Moscow Polytechnic Institute in Podolsk".

We thank our Museum staff for their work, contribution to the socio-cultural development of the University and the keeping and enhancement of University traditions. We wish you good health, new ideas and strength for their brilliant implementation!

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