August 2021

Graduates Ivan about Moscow Poly

Hello, I am Ivan and I’m from Ukraine (from        the People’s Republic of Donetsk, to be perfectly honest).

I couldn’t even imagine that one day I would enroll at a Moscow university, but during my last school year I made a decision to get decent results of Unified State Exam and enroll in a Moscow University on a state-funded basis.

I managed to reach my decision, passed all my exams successfully and chose Moscow Poly. Why us?

Well, first of all, my sister, who has also studied in Moscow, told me a lot about Moscow Poly extracurricular activities, the rating of the University, the project training, where you can apply new knowledge into real-life projects and the convenient student accommodation.

As soon as I enrolled in the “Cyberphysical systems” educational program, I started my student life with meeting my new fellow students. I was pleasantly surprised by their niceness and friendliness, moreover, the professionalism of our supervisor, who made us all even closer to each other. After several weeks our studies started and I was really astonished. The classes were extremely entertaining, we were discussing them even during our breaks!

In the end, I’ve never regretted neither choosing Moscow Poly, nor my participation in many events from Mister Polytech to different house concerts.


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