December 2021

Fyodor Doronin -Young Scientist of Moscow Poly

We continue our interviews with young scientists of Moscow Polytechnic University. Today we have an interview with Fyodor Doronin, an author of the “Formation by the Means of Surface Modification of Planar Integrated Surfaces on Polymers with Adjustable Performance Attributes“ grant project.

Fyodor, greetings! Please, tell us about yourself: where you are from, what your year of studies is? In case you have already graduated from, what are you doing right now?

Currently I am working as a senior teacher and a junior scientist at the Institute of Print Media of Moscow Poly, where I perform my educational and scientific activities.

Can you tell us about how you decided to pursue science? Tell us about your first steps: who inspired you to start? Maybe it was some film or book that inspired you?

To be honest, it was my self-determination thoughts my student years that brought me to science. Professor V.G. Nazarov, my academic tutor, had a great impact on my choice. He showed me that scientific research was a highly intellectual and prestigious craft, all through his own examples and experience.

Tell us about the requirements of V.E. Fortov grant.

The projects selection went in a traditional fashion, similar to the regulations of the Russian Fundamental Research Fund and the Russian Science Foundation. The main participants of the contest are young scientists (younger than 30 years old). The contest itself is realized in the terms of Moscow Poly development agenda for 2030 and the “Priority 2030” program of strategic academic leadership.

The requirements for the project were the following:

a) The project must correspond with the academic directions of the university;

b) The project must include results of the personal research;

c) The project must possess qualities of novelty and perspectives of practical realization.

The key requirement for the participant was the presence of articles, published in Web of Science and Scopus. The presence of two articles on the subject of the project is the main requirement for the reception of the grant.

What was the research that you received the grant for? Tell us about its future perspectives.

The project is aimed at the development of new polymers with integrated thin-film coating, possessing functional qualities complex (chemical and biological resistance, durability, etc.). The results of the project are universal and can be used in the development of variety of surface-modified polymers and products based on them with the increased working capacity. First of all, it is car industry, aviation machinery, needs of the housing services and utilities (e.g. gas rings) and other manufacturing sectors.

What is your main motivation in science?

The community and the atmosphere of the university. Lots of unique professionals work at Moscow Poly, their interests and knowledge go far beyond their professional responsibilities.

The systematic support of the university also disposes to the research: Moscow Poly has a considerable scholarship fund for the students; flexible systems of overhead costs (one of the lowest among educational and scientific institutions) for employees realizing their research projects.

V.E. Fortov grant contest is another step of employees support and a tool of attracting young specialists to achieving strategic quantitative indicators of the university.

What is the most interesting part of your work?

Each project is, in fact, a challenge for everybody. I think that we can compare it to sporting events, in some way :-)

Could you tell us about your plans for the future? Are you planning to stick with science? If you do, what direction do you want to work with? Are you planning to get a degree? How are you planning to continue your research after getting grant support?

The next step is Ph.D. defense in one of the RAS universities. I am also planning to submit scientific project for the Russian Science Foundation contest “Initiative Researches of Young Scientists”, that goes under the Presidential Program of Research Projects.

How did Moscow Poly help in your development?

I couldn’t have achieved all my scientific results without the infrastructure and the support of the university. It is also important to know that personal success relies on many factors and is achieved not only by you, but also with a help of lots of other people, who help you along your way.

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