December 2022

Foreign States Embassy Representatives Paid Visit to Moscow Poly Exhibition

Representatives of Embassies of Palestine, Afghanistan and president of the “DISHA” Russian-Indian Friendship Society paid a visit to the “Russia in Vision of USSR Artists” exhibition that is taking place at the “Art Poly” venue of cultural programs and modern exhibition technologies. The event with the participation of the foreign guests took place on 15 December.

The gallerist, art fine expert Valentin Ryabov has held for the guess an open lecture on historical importance of period of social realism for the history of Russian arts. He noted that there was information put into the every canvas, so that people by looking at these paintings would be able to perceive it. And if for some reason they couldn`t do it the fine art experts would explain their ideas in detail. That it how the culture of perceiving art was brought up back then. Today “Art Poly” allows to interact with these pictures, see that very sincerity that the artist is trying to convey.

“Our next projects will be related to different field areas, genres and artists. We do have works od Fedor Konyukhov, for instance, the famous Russian traveler and artist. His paintings simply enchant the audience since they are created by the person who has travelled and seen a lot. If everything works out, the exhibition will be even more large-scale”, – Valentin Ryabov summed up.

The artist, fine arts expert, Russian Academy of Fine Arts academician, Irina Miklushevskaya noted that “Art Poly” is open for any projects, exhibitions of both classical and modern arts. The area also allows to hold fairs and festival. “Art Poly” supervisors will respond to any idea that is before anything else put forward by the young people, students, and consequently implement it. Irina has called the guests to pay attention to the formal side of each work – its composition, coloring, angle, reflexes – and noted that practically every painting units both the academic art and impressionism.

“A very beautiful exhibition”, – says Bashardost Mohammad Bashar, Embassy of Afghanistan officer.” – “I actually lived in Moscow in late 70s, studies at K.I. Skrybin Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies. We took our pleasure to go on demonstrations, enjoyed our lives and simple walk a lot. I shared my room in dormitory with two other guys – Russian and Georgian, and perfectly got along with each other. The guys from the USSR received scholarship of 45 rubles, and we Afghans – 100, moreover the family also helped us by sending products . At the same time, we shared a fridge, irrespective of how much any of us added to it. We didn`t lock the rooms as we were always happy to welcome guests. It was a real brotherhood, the best period.”


The president of the “DISHA” Russian-Indian Friendship Society Rameshvar Singkh, Rameshvar Singh also studies in Moscow back then, at People`s Friendship University of Russia, and after acquired the post-doctoral degree that at MSU. According to him, the paintings allowed, although for a short period of time, to return back to ‘that’ life, the exhibition brought in a wave of pleasant nostalgia fort the USSR days, stirred in the soul the most bright and warm feelings.

“For us, these paintings are alive, they`re a part of our life, the best part of it. Thank you to the organizational committee for such a festival! It`s important to share the history of the country with the young generation. I understand that it`s a huge work. But if 5 of 100 people will develop interest in that area and develop interest in it that will be a success and that`s was something to work for.”

Moscow Poly students also paid visit to the exhibition. Young visitors were mostly interested in canvases that conveyed Moscow in the middle of 80s.

“I liked the tryptich about Moscow best of all – it allowed me to feel the atmosphere of 80s of the last century. I`m still very young and I don`t know the USSR period that well but the paintings allowed me to see and understand how people lived back then”, – shared his impressions Ali Mahmud, Moscow Poly preparatory course from Syria.


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