June 2021

Engineering Vacations

Moscow Poly hosted the 1st cycle of Engineering vacations for Moscow high-school students from May 31 to June 4. The event if organized by Moscow Poly Engineering School and Laboratory “Flying Robotics”

Engineering vacations is an educational intensive program in innovative engineering and technical fields for high-school students.

Here they can learn new skills and practical knowledge in 4 areas:

- Basics of flying robotics and basic skills of drone piloting;

- Development of new devices with the use of Arduino platform;

- Development of robotics complexes and automatisation;

- Prototyping and designing of new constructions and mechanisms with the use of 3D-printing.

Here you can learn a lot about the modern drone piloting, the development of personal autonomous devices, the creation of automatic complexes prototypes and the mechanism construction.

The 2nd cycle of Engineering vacations begins on June 7.

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