March 2024

Director of AES under Moscow Polytech Speaks at Russian National Youth Festival

The Director of the Advanced Engineering School of Electric Transport under Moscow Polytechnic University, Pablo Iturralde, was a featured speaker at the Russian National Youth Festival. The festival took place at the educational center "Sirius" in Sochi in the period between February 29 and March 7.


On March 6, the theme of the day was "We are together with Russia." The main message conveyed by the speakers to the audience was to debunk famous stereotypes held by foreigners about Russia and Russians. Participants of the festival learned about the adventures that foreigners have in our country, the beauties and surprises that the largest country in the world has “in store” for its guests. During the event, Pablo Iturralde shared why he chose Russia as his home 20 years ago, what stereotypes shattered after moving, and his favorite Russian TV series. 

"It's great that such large-scale events exist, which can bring together an immense number of completely different people – media, business, culture and sports representatives, and especially the young people, who represent the future of our country. It is very important for me to be a part of this and share my experience with the younger generation”, shared Pablo Iturralde.

Pablo Iturralde is the director of the Advanced Engineering School of Electric Transport established at Moscow Polytechnic University and is head of the master-degree program "Racing Engineering." He came to Russia from Ecuador 20 years ago. During his time at the university, Pablo has created over 13 racing prototypes and carried out over 90 engineering projects. Among other invited guests the chef and host of the TV show "Let's Go, Let's Eat!" Federico Arnaldi, pianist and blogger Lorenzo Banyati, and boxer Kevin Johnson.

Reference : The World Youth Festival is a significant cultural event in 2024 that brings together youth from around the world. The festival takes place every few years and serves as a platform for exchanging experience, promotes cultural diversity, and helps build friendship among young people from different countries and of different nationalities. The event is organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (“Rosmolodezh”), with the World Festival of Youth Directorate serving as the operator for WFM-2024.


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